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      首先,这个 G 代表的是 Generation(一代)5G 的全称是 5th generation mobile networks,也就是“第五代移动网络”。然后,5G 和 4G 相比,除了速度更快以外,它还能容纳更大的用户密度(user density)换句话说,扎堆上网拖网速的现象会减轻很多。而且它支持一种叫“设备到设备通讯”的技术:Device-to-Device Communication(D2D)3G、4G网络里,所有的设备之间,如果要传递信号,这些信号都需要经过中转站。而 5G 里面则可以通过这种 D2D 技术直接传,这也是它的速度得以进一步提升的原因之一。




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  The development of mobile communication technology What is 5G? Why do we need 5G?


  Research status and challenges of 5G.


  The development of mobile communication technology

  The development of mobile communication technology

  Digital mobile communication system Broadband access and distribution network system


  Simulation of mobile communication system


  multimedia mobile communications system


  What is 5G?

  01 An English abbreviation

  5G is the English abbreviation of “The fifth generation mobile communication technology”

  An English abbreviation


  02 UNE

  Compared with 2G, 3G and 4G, 5G is not independent and brand-new. It is a combination and further development of present mobile communication technology.

  03 A green energy network


  Besides the speed upgrade, 5G will also meet the requirements of large bandwidth, super high capacity, super dense site, super high reliability and whenever and wherever possible access.

  A green energy network

  Some details about 5G


  Why do we need 5G?

  Mobile communication has profoundly changed people's life, but people's pursuit for higher performance of mobile communication has never stopped.

  In order to cope with the future of mobile data traffic explosive growth, the connection of massive device, the continuous emergence of various new services and applications scene, the fifth generation mobile communication (5G) system will emerge as times require.

  The necessity of 5G

  Why does the vision of 5G emerge?

  5G will make information break through the limitation of time and space, providing excellent interactive experience and immersive information feast for the user. Through the seamless fusion way, 5G will close the distance of all things, realize the intelligent interconnection between man and all things on earth.

  5G will provide the access rate of fiber like, the using experience of “zero delay”, the ability to connect billions of devices, super high flux density, super high connection number density , super high mobility and other multi scene favorable service and intelligent optimization of business and user perception. At the same time, 5G will bring the network over a hundred times the energy efficiency and ultra hundred times the bit cost reduction. Finally 5G will realize the general hope of “Get the information whenever you want and all things on earth are at your fingertips”.


  Research status and challenges of 5G.

  To meet the demand of 5G, breakthrough in air interface technology is necessary. But innovation in network architecture is also significant and necessary so as to realize the vision of 5G.

  Centralized or distributed network architecture The dividing line of access network and the core network

  To realize network construction or function configuration

  Part1 Five opening problem on designing 5G network architecture

  The influence of NFV and SDN

  IMT-2020 (5G) architecture is evolution or revolution

  Part 02 Integration of 5G and Wi-Fi

  An general introduction of Integration of 5G and Wi-Fi

  The integration network of 5G and Wi-Fi can well solve the problem of rapid growing wireless traffic and user experience pursuit in 5G. Integration of multi-radio access technology, multiple needs and multiple internet were studied to become the inevitable trend for IMT 2020 (5G).

  In the networking of 5G and Wi-Fi, integration of network application scene and fusion networking technology were introduced to be the inevitable demand, nosense authentication, network security, green communication were proposed to become the key technical indications.

  Integration of


  technology route

  Integrate Wi-Fi into mobile communication network as a wireless technology under the circumstance of integration of a variety of cellular network. To realize the multiple access mode of core network with other cellular technology

  no-sense authentication, network security, green communication were proposed to become the key technical indications.

  key technical indications

  Some challenges

  To work well in a multi service environment with seamless handover technology ? Interference suppression technology ? Automatic adaptation technology ? Security problems. Seamless docking of secure protocol when integrating 5G and Wi-Fi.

  Part 03 Security vision of 5G

  The security key technologies

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  Large data security in 5G

  Security problems brought by cloudization, virtualization and Software Defined Network, SDN

  The security of mobile intelligent terminal



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